Migration from previous versions of BepInEx

Upgrading from 4.x


pre-BepInEx 5 plugins are not compatible with BepInEx 5!
This guide only provides a temporary upgrade solution.
It is suggested that you do a clean install of BepInEx instead -- remove all BepInEx files and start over fresh.

  1. Delete BepInEx/core folder if it exists.
  2. Download and install BepInEx 5 according to the installation guide.
  3. Download latest version of BepInEx.BepInEx4Upgrader and place it in BepInEx/patchers folder.
  4. Run the game normally.

Upgrading from 3.x

To migrate from a previous version of BepInEx, do the following:

  1. Delete UnityEngine.dll, 0Harmony.dll and BepInEx.dll from the *_Data\Managed folder for your game
  1. Rename UnityEngine.dll.bak to UnityEngine.dll
  2. Delete BepInEx.Patcher.exe from the game's root folder.
  3. Delete your config.ini file in your BepInEx folder
  4. Follow the upgrading guide for 4.x

Migrating from Sybaris 2.x

  1. Delete all occurences of the following DLLs in the game's folder:
    • ExIni.dll
    • UnityInjector.dll
    • Mono.Cecil.dll
    • Sybaris.Loader.dll
    • COM3D2.UnityInjector.Patcher (and other UnityInjector patchers)
    • opengl32.dll
      Use Windows' search tool if you cannot find those.
  2. Install BepInEx 4 normally
  3. Download and install UnityInjectorLoader and SybarisLoader to enable UnityInjector and Sybaris compatibility