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What is BepInEx

BepInEx (Bepis Injector Extendable) is a plugin framework aimed at Unity and .NET Framework games. The main goal of BepInEx is

While BepInEx is mainly aimed at PC games running on Windows, BepInEx can be installed on Linux, macOS, and any other operating system that either supports Mono or Windows emulation.

What BepInEx is not

Currently, BepInEx does not aim to be the solution for modding all games with .NET support on all platforms. This limitation allows BepInEx to be small and simple to install while still working on as many games as possible.

BepInEx is also not an all-in-one tool that caters to every single user. Instead, BepInEx provides only the necessary base to develop game-specific support. BepInEx is made to be extendable: you can modify and add parts of BepInEx to make it work best for you.

Getting started with BepInEx

To start with BepInEx, you should download and install it.
Next, you might want to configure it and any of the plugins you install.


While BepInEx should work with default configuration on most Unity games, some games might require a specific entry point configuration. Refer to troubleshooting information for info on how to set up entry points in exceptional cases.

Developing plugins


BepInEx 6 documentation is in development. At the moment, most developer documentation refers to BepInEx 5. Always refer to the API documentation for up-to-date BepInEx API.

If you are a developer, you can check the plugin creation walkthrough to get acquainted with most of the API of BepInEx. Additionally, you should check out how to use Harmony to patch game methods.

For more exact documentation on each of BepInEx's feature, consult the API documentation

Finally, the advanced guides contain information on how to debug plugins with dnSpy and elaborate on technical details of BepInEx and Unity modding.