Hardpatching with BepInEx.Patcher


The hardpatcher permanently edits the game assembly to inject BepInEx into it.
Use it only if the normal installation methods don't work!

Differences between proxy and hardpatcher

The hardpatcher provides mainly the following benefits:

Meanwhile hardpatcher comes with these downsides

Installing hardpatch

  1. Download the latest hardpatcher and BepInEx core from BepisBuilds
    • The hardpatcher archive name starts with BepInEx_Patcher
    • The core archive name starts with BepInEx_x64
  2. Extract the core and patcher into the game folder
  3. Remove unnecessary core files
    • winhttp.dll
    • doorstop_config.ini
  4. Run the hardpatcher and wait until it finishes running
  5. Run the game